Our favorite mistake


It has been some time since we had anything substantial to say about Sarah Palin! However, it seems that Caribou Barbie is parting company with Faux News.  She claims to be interested in reaching a wider audience, which is something that makes us shudder to hear.  But the more widely-held belief is that that Fox chief Roger Ailes simply got fed up with her tiresome screeching, and finally came to the conclusion, as many of us did some time ago, that she just isn’t very smart.  We find it extremely humorous that the employer of Sean Hannity and Charles Krauthammer doesn’t think Sarah Palin is intelligent, but that’s for another post. So off she goes to find a new reality show more suited to her… er, talents!  After all she is now the proud subject of a Golden Globe-winning mockumentay!  Some game change!






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