Baubo2Baubo is the little-known goddess of jests, mirth, bawdy humor and belly laughs!  Accounts of Baubo are infrequent, but the most popular myth involves her cheering up Demeter, goddess of the harvest.  Demeter is said to have been inconsolable at the loss of her daughter Persephone who was kidnapped by Hades to the underworld.  In her grief, she wandered the earth in mourning, abandoning her harvest duties.  Arriving at the city Eleusis, the depressed goddess is unable to have her spirits lifted by the Eleusians, until she encounters the servant, Baubo.  There, Baubo performs jests and tells the goddess bawdy jokes and dances a lewd dance, lifting her skirts to reveal her awesome lady-parts!  The goddess responded with a hearty belly-laugh to these antics,  and her spirits and confidence were lifted enough to persuade Zeus to have Hades release Persephone.  Fertility and abundance were restored to the earth!

Baubo is revered as the goddess of female empowerment and sexual liberation. She is the feminine mystique personified.  All hail Baubo!

In much the same way that Ayn Rand asks what would happen if Atlas no longer held up the world, I ask what would happen if Baubo didn’t make the goddess of the grain laugh.  I think we come to very different conclusions.



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