Morning-after pills don’t cause abortions

The most heated part of the fight between the Obama administration and religious groups over new rules that require most health plans to cover contraception actually has nothing to do with birth control. It has to do with abortion.

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Obama proposes short-term budget fix to delay spending cuts


By Jeff Mason and Mark Felsenthal

(Reuters) – President Barack Obama will propose on Tuesday that Congress pass a small package of spending cuts and tax reforms to delay larger, automatic cuts from going into effect and give Washington more time to agree on a broader budget deal.

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Obama Administration’s New Birth Control Rules Already Gaining Support Among Catholic Leaders

On Friday, the Obama Administration announced updated regulations for its birth control rule that requires employer-based insurance plans to offer contraceptive services without a co-pay. The new rules address concerns from both Catholic groups and women’s health organizations — clarifying that women who work for religious employers will still be able to access no-cost birth […]/p

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“Obamacare” microchip

ObamaCareMicrochipAmong the more bizarre rumors concerning all the terrible things the Obama administration is going to do to Americans as a result of the Affordable Care Act, is the rumor that we will all be implanted with microchips to track, what, I don’t know, our bowel movements, maybe. This rumor has biblical origins relating to being marked with the number of the beast, or something. The fact that all language concerning implanted devices was removed from the final piece of legislation has not deterred the weirdos who are gleefully posting and sharing this rubbish..  Oh, by the way, the legislation language was talking about PACEMAKERS and such. Fake boobs even.  Go thee unafraid to a science class every now and then, and thou just might learn something.