Hummingbirds Migrating Earlier in Spring


CHARLESTON, S.C.  — Ruby-throated hummingbirds are migrating to North America weeks earlier than in decades past, and research indicates that higher temperatures in their winter habitat may be the reason.

Researchers say the early arrival could mean less food at nesting time for the tiny birds that feed on insect pests, help pollinate flowers and are popular with birdwatchers.

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National Weather Service repeats its warning: A blizzard is coming, a blizzard is coming

By Boston Globe Staff

The National Weather Service this morning continues to sound the alarm: a potentially historic blizzard is arriving today, a storm that could bring up to three feet of snow in spots and hurricane strength wind gusts that will lash the coast.

The first hint of what is to come will arrive in mid-morning when light snow begins falling in Boston and across New England, before intensifying during what is normally the time for the evening commute, especially along the Interstate 95 corridor.

But state and local officials have already decided to shut the MBTA down at 3:30 p.m., close school systems, keep non-essential state workers at home and to urge the private sector to follow suit, an preemptive move to heighten safety during the long-duration event.

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