Missouri lawmakers mull photo ID for voting

Missouri lawmakers are taking another stab at requiring voters to show photo identification at the polls.

The House Elections Committee heard testimony Wednesday on a proposed amendment to the Missouri Constitution that would allow for a photo ID requirement. The panel also considered a separate bill that would enact the mandate.

Proponents argue the law would help prevent election fraud. Opponents argue there are no recent known instances of voter fraud. They say the proposal could make voting harder for many Missourians.

Missouri lawmakers have debated photo ID requirements in recent years. A 2006 state law imposing the requirement was ruled unconstitutional by the Missouri Supreme Court.

| The Associated Press


Republican lawmaker’s bill mandates NRA gun training for Missouri first graders

Republican lawmaker’s bill mandates NRA gun training for Missouri first graders (via Raw Story )

A Republican state senator in Missouri has introduced a bill that would require all first grade students to take a gun course provided by the National Rifle Association. State Sen. Dan Brown on Tuesday told the Senate General Laws Committee that his bill bringing the NRA’s Eddie Eagle Gunsafe Program…

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